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Just Another Love Story

That's what they would claim

16 September 1967
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NOTICE: This journal is Friends Only. I want to interact with people here, not just throw information about myself out with no idea who are the people who are reading me. So, if you want to Friend me, please introduce yourself. I'd love to know who you are, how you found me, and why on Earth you'd want to read *my* ramblings! I WILL NOT friend you back unless I know something about you. I also won't friend you if you don't post yourself and rarely comment -- two-way street, please.

I'm a complicated, boring person. :) Math geek extraordinaire, plus gaming and comics geek. Oh, and Mac geek. But not a circus geek. (Geek Love is one of my favorite novels...)

I've been with my husband since 11/92, shortly after I moved to Boston from Knoxville, TN.

I'm an admirer of bears. (I have a story in Bearotica!) I'm also rather submissive, and dominant men turn me to jelly, as long as they're not jerks. Which some are.

As per LiveJournal policy: I discuss matters of an adult nature, and although many my posts are friends-only, readers under age or otherwise easily offended should not read my journal or request to be friended by me.


spikejrt: Intelligent and complex- like the first year of the X Files. Eric says, hopefully not like later seasons when it became confusing and ridiculous...

paulintoronto: I read eric_mathgeek's livejournal because he posts engagingly and frequently. He knows how to be personal without being narcissistic, how to be open without being ostentatious, and how to be both silly and serious without being ridiculous or ponderous. Eric says, well, that addressed the ridiculous part! :)

gryphons_hole: Smart, clever and delicious!

peskyaura: lovely.